Ok last year wasn’t quite as scorching hot as some years, but it was warm. The warmest year since 1910 in fact and this has helped drinks packaging firms enjoy a year of record growth.
The industry trade body for drinks manufacturing otherwise known as The Can Makers, announced that deliveries reached 9.819bn. This was the first time the drinks packaging industry had reached this figure which was a 2.4% improvement on the previous year which doesn’t sound like a lot until you realise this was a real numbers increase of 228 million units.
The figures were for the beer, cider and carbonated soft drink sectors combined, but still a cause for celebration in the industry. Beer and cider in particular was able to outperform the market in general particularly in the run up to Christmas where Cider in cans stood out with a 7% increase in sales on 2013.
Fruit flavoured variants of cider have proved popular and helped provide a further boost to sales with their novelty factor. Martin Constable, Chairman of the UK Can Makers said, “Overall, 2014 has been a positive year. Drinks cans continue to resonate with consumers and brands alike, with increases across the board, helped by warm weather which provided stimulus to the market throughout the summer.”
More info: www.canmakers.co.uk