Like any large industry – and packaging is one of the world’s largest – there is a need to maintain and develop existing skills to increase competitiveness in the global economy and attract new talent. A European conference being held on April 23rd seeks to address what has become an urgent issue for the sector as it has for other manufacturing sectors.
The main issues being covered at the conference include what plans are in place to replace aging workforces and life-long learning which is seen as essential in encouraging people to remain in the industry and feel like their careers are progressing.
The importance of the packaging industry cannot be understated. 100,000 products are packaged every second which reflects the huge demand which exists in the industry. This demand will only get larger as populations rise.
While packaging is not something most people outside the industry will pay much attention to, it can be a complex process for those companies involved in making it right from the design to the manufacture.
With eco packaging now becoming important, there will be a greater need for innovation in the industry as time goes on.
The 1st European Conference on the Future of Business Education in Packaging will take place on Thursday April 23, 2015 at the campus of Twente University (Enschede, The Netherlands). Prof. Filip Dochy (Leuven University), the world’s leading specialist in life-long learning will be speaking at the event. For more information visit: