Supermarket giant Morrisons has gone back to Christmases of yesteryear for inspiration on its festive packaging for 2014.

Whether it’s mince pies or Christmas cake – shoppers can expect a return nostalgia with packaging more reminiscent of what you would expect in the 1930s than the 21st century.

The designs are also inspired by Christmas markets, an idea Morrisons are keen to put into the heads of consumers. Markets give the impression of value and quality and this is the key battle ground for the nation’s big supermarkets.

The colours opted for in Morrison’s packaging are green, red and gold which are the key visual signposts for Christmas. Morrisons clearly want their packaging to take us back to traditional festive times of old rather than go for something more contemporary.

According to the company who worked with Morrisons on their packaging, customers are instinctively drawn by colour and shape, which is why simple shapes such as stars and snowflakes feature heavily against a background of bright reds and other festive colours.

Competition is heating up between the supermarkets for a share of Christmas sales. Tesco has recently issued a profit warning and supermarkets catering for the middle ground are increasingly feeling the pressure of budget supermarkets and those catering for the upper end such as Waitrose.

The new Morrisons Christmas packaging will be in their stores from autumn.