If they are lucky enough to be given one, few people would want to receive their Rolex watch in plain minimalist packaging. Luxury in an anything be it expensive gifts, motoring doesn’t lend itself well to sustainability.

When consumers are thinking about luxury, few are concerned about its effect on the planet. Luxury items are about me me me rather than caring for the earth’s future.

As a result, packaging for luxury products puts sustainability near or at the bottom of a list of priorities and certainly below concerns about the amount of waste it is generating and the ability to recycle it.

Nevertheless the luxury sector will need to get used to the idea of sustainable packaging if it isn’t to be hit by a restrictions in its usage. Adopting and looking into how to do sustainable luxury packaging now would be a sensible way to forward plan for this future.

The problem for most luxury product manufacturers is packaging sells simply because it is such an important part of getting people to spend a lot of money on an item. Without luxury packaging something is lost from the whole experience. As human beings we are all drawn to the bright shiny things even if our conscience says otherwise.