Luxury Packaging And Minimalism Not A Match Made In Heaven

If they are lucky enough to be given one, few people would want to receive their Rolex watch in plain minimalist packaging. Luxury in an anything be it expensive gifts, motoring doesn’t lend itself well to sustainability. When consumers are thinking about luxury, few are concerned about its effect on the planet. Luxury items are [...]

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France To Introduce Plain Tobacco Packaging By 2016

France, a country famous for making smoking look sophisticated will soon be adopting neutral packaging in line with most other European countries who are seeing the benefits anti-smoking legislation. The legislation on plain packaging for cigarettes is set to come into force in 2016. This will come as another crushing blow for tobacco companies already [...]

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Morrisons Package Inspired By Christmas Past

Supermarket giant Morrisons has gone back to Christmases of yesteryear for inspiration on its festive packaging for 2014. Whether it’s mince pies or Christmas cake - shoppers can expect a return nostalgia with packaging more reminiscent of what you would expect in the 1930s than the 21st century. The designs are also inspired by Christmas [...]

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