Walk down the aisle of a supermarket and you will be bombarded with all kinds of packaging in all different kinds of shapes, sizes and colours. Supermarkets also use signage to distract us and tempt us into buying things we need and often things we don’t need.

So the right packaging in tandem with signs that direct us towards products as we shop is vital to generating sales of any product. If packaging has been around for many years and a brand is strong and established, then sales will be generated without having to pay too much attention to packaging.

If people want Coca Cola for example, that is what they will look for. Most of the rest of the products on the supermarket shelf must compete with own brand cheap alternatives and established brands. This will require extraordinary packaging to attract the attention of buyers and generate sales.

Choose the wrong kind of packaging and the results can be catastrophic. Even Tesco got in wrong in one of their stores in Ireland recently to comical effect with an unfortunate illustration on the front of a milk carton. A newspaper poll found that more than 60% of people wouldn’t buy the product because of the illustration on the front.

The moral in this is that people are actually quite conservative when it comes to supermarket packaging. They expect it to conform and won’t appreciate a company getting it wrong.

Today’s customer will be attracted by bright packaging but that packaging must also be consistent and practical and not stray too far from convention.