The advent of plain cigarette packaging perhaps leads us to consider what may be potentially next and with this in mind, how do we make the best of these potential central initiatives?

The answer of course has to be in the strength of the brand itself.

Many of us will have played ‘Guess the app’ (for the un-initiated, this is an app that reveals brand logos without the name – the icon or logo is meant to be enough to be able to guess the brand). The game of course works on the premise that the brands are strong enough such that the unique colour and shape calls enough up in the memory to recall the brand.

So, the yellow of McDonalds, the blue of Ford and the green of Harrods might be distinguishable in their own right to convey the brand alone.

Unique and patented pantones ‘carry’ in the eyes of the consumer.

The future may hold many restrictions as discussed here – the power of the brand therefore might well be the saving grace.

Why not try the guess the brand game yourself – click here to open in itunes.