The basic elements of luxury packaging including colour and materials used are as important as the luxury item itself. Luxury brands usually follow fashion trends and the basic conveyance of the ‘luxury feel’ to those in view of the package only has to ‘carry it off’.

Belonging to ‘that fraternity’ – the essential “I have arrived” moment must be conveyed through the packaging. Carrying the Fortnum and Masons or Harrods bag simply says it all. Inside the bag may only be a bottle of virgin olive oil and a small pot of pate, but to those in sight of the bag – much more of a story is told……….the person carrying the promotional bag shops at Fortnum and Mason!
The advertising value of a non-premium branded bag is of course of great value; essentially it advertises the brand to the outside world.

Premium/luxury brands however benefit from the ‘halo’ effect of a sheer desire to carry the bag in the first place!
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