Years ago, manufacturers didn’t need to worry about packaging products for sale and transport. But over time, it became a necessity to deliver goods to consumers in innovative new ways. Today, packaging is crucial for a business to succeed.

The Industrial Revolution was really the birthplace of modern packaging, with brands using inspired designs to personalize their products and let consumers make an informed decision. Packaging progressed as people migrated to large cities. With the introduction of mass production and distribution of merchandise, the need for faster, cheaper packaging became imperative.

A result of the mass migration to large cities meant more people working in large factories. Packaging needs changed from shipping bulk loads to general stores to packaging for individuals to purchase at new high street stores like Marks & Spencer. Along with the shift from rural to urban lifestyles, the advertising industry also boomed. The importance of branding became a fundamental of marketing, and packaging was at the forefront of grabbing the attention of consumers. Some of the most iconic logos were born at this time, along with pop culture phenomenon’s in packaging like the original classic Coca Cola glass bottle. These items have become highly collectable, in fact.

Cellulose plastic packaging became the choice of shippers in the early 1900s. The flexibility of cellulose made it possible to package items in a multitude of different shapes and sizes, and it was far less costly than old paper-based containers.

Cellulose plastic remained the packaging material of choice until the 1960s when polyethylene plastic hit the scene. It took over as the leading packaging material and continues to be predominantly used today. The evolution of these plastics can be moulded to any shape to match a logo. There are many other choices packaging today. There is a serious effort being made to make the industry more sustainable, and experts continue to look for renewable sources for packaging.

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