Everywhere you look, there is a product being advertised to consumer. From the programmes on your telly, the drive time radio in your car, banners on the websites you visit and even the billboards as you drive on the motorway. There are great images and catchy strap lines in the hopes that you will give their brand a try the next time you go for your weekly shop. The effectiveness of a typical branding depends of how creative and compelling the message is. But one sure fire way to get people to test-drive a brand is to provide them with free sample. After all, people are creatures of habit and in order to get them to change their typical shopping pattern, a brand needs to stand out from the crowd.

The most common advertisers of free samples are non-perishable health & beauty, cleaning or food products. It’s an outstanding means of promoting a new brand to market as well. The thinking behind the concept of a free sample is to introduce a consumer to a product before purchasing it.

It is an expensive way to target customers, but the investment is well worth it. Conversions from sample to sales can range between 20% to 90%. So if a brand conducts an effective sampling campaign, advertisers can generate brand loyalty by ‘putting their money where their mouth is’.

Free samples offered through a company’s website are a great way to invite consumers to sample products as well as a means to gather data for mailing lists. But this is risky, as you rely on the consumer to be proactive about getting a sample, whereas direct mail samples make it easy and painless to try a product.

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