Who doesn’t love Bubble Wrap? There is so much joy in grabbing a sheet of puffed up, plastic goodness and enjoying a nice, long popping session. Everyone seems to have their own style as well. Methodical bubble popping, frantic bubble popping, even bubble popping with your feet. It makes the most serious person revert to a child-like state, if only for just a few fleeting moments.

Have you ever sat back and wondered how this staple of the packaging industry came to be? What we all lovingly know as Bubble Wrap was invented in 1957 by New Jersey engineers Alfred Fielding and Marc Chavannes. Originally, the team sealed together two shower curtains together to create air bubbles. Oddly, the invention was designed to be used as wallpaper. It didn’t quite take off with the general public, so the duo went back to the drawing board to re-introduce the product as protective packaging. Things really took off when they landed their very first client, International Business Machines (IBM), for use in shipping their computers in 1960.

From 2006 to 2008, Sealed Air even held the Annual Bubble Wrap Competition For Young Inventors from 2006 to 2008, where youngsters designed their own inventions from Bubble Wrap. Inventions included a “Bubble Wrap Car Door Cover”, a “Bubble Wrap Cushy Wheelchair”, and “Transformable Bubble Wrap Kite”. And to recognize their products ability to reduce anxiety, Sealed Air set up “stress relief boxes” in their corporate offices filled with Bubble Wrap for workers to pop. There is even a Facebook pages set up by fanatics of Bubble Wrap.

Elliott Packaging incorporates Bubble Wrap in a variety of our value-added packaging solutions for our clients. We set the industry standard for excellence in the manufacturing, with one of the most experienced teams in the business . Give us a call today to discuss your packaging needs.