Have you ever received a free sample for FMCG brands in the past? Did you actually sample the sample you received? If you are like most people, the answer is YES.

The success of this type of campaign depends very much so on the tried and tested free sample concept. Unlike more conventional marketing methods where consumers have to respond to a call of action, there is nothing more effective than a tangible item in the hands of your potential loyal consumer with no strings attached to the trial. Consumers are becoming increasingly weary of having to provide significant amounts of personal information to companies in order to test whether or not they like the brand.

Unlike tiresome and invasive online questionnaires in order to have a voucher emailed to them which then needs to be taken to a shop in exchange for a free sample, the experience here is short and sweet: open the package, try the product, buy more if you like what you get. It’s very simple and highly effective.

“Free samples” is the emphasis here, so it is encouraged that you allow consumers to trial your brand with no strings attached. The perception of any product that is willing to ‘put their money where their mouth is’ by being confident enough to send free products out to the public speaks volumes about the conviction the advertiser has in their product.

Elliott Packaging can help you decide the best packaging for your sample product. We manufacture most kinds of polythene or paper mailing bags: they are specially designed to ensure your products reach their destination safely and securely. The mailing bags can be made in any colour, thickness or size and can be printed in any given design. Options can include punched out handles, perforated tear lines for easy opening, courier style bags and re-sealable bags. We make it incredibly easy for people to receive your product, open your product and try your product.
Simply get in touch with us today, and one of our experienced advisors will be in touch to talk to you about the best packaging option for your product.