Exciting and vibrant packaging is a great way to capture the attention of consumers. However, some advertisers don’t know when to say when. This becomes particularly apparent when it comes to toys and items designed for children. Small accessories meant to attract the eye of tiny consumers often use excessive amounts of plastic, string and glue in order to highlight them in the design of the packaging.

As much of this packaging material isn’t environmentally friendly, activists and recycling-conscious consumers are increasingly calling out brands and advertisers who use excessive packaging solely for the purpose of enticing consumers with unnecessary visual aids. There are also reports in a sharp increase in self-inflicted injury having to do with cuts and lesions as a result of frustrated parents resorting to objects like razor-sharp knives and other dangerous tools to open the packaging of toys particularly around the Christmas holiday.

Outrage over this practice is reaching fever pitch with eco-friendly celebrities, like Terry Wogan getting fashionably liberal in their views and vent their objections to over-packaging that’s not just wasteful but frustratingly difficult to open. He recently explained his trial and tribulations opening a package of toothbrushes as ‘fortress-like’ and claimed to have dislocated fingers and broken finger nails suffered as a result.

There are other consumers with a far more practical concern over uber-packaging than just environmentally minded celebs. Nearly half of over-65s struggle to open jars and milk bottles according to an Age UK/TNS poll. With this age group expected to double in the next 50 years, there is a real concern for brands to address these issues now. There’s never been a better time to re-think the design and materials used.

Elliott Packaging has always been at the forefront of state of the art design in all of our packaging products. We developed environmentally sound packaging solutions for our clients and continue to research new technology to improve the ability to recycle our packaging as well as re-using materials. We set the industry standard for excellence in the manufacturing. We will continue to refine and improve our carbon footprint, and applaud other packaging businesses who do the same.