It’s not easy to get away from branded packaging because it’s almost everywhere we look. Why? Because branding influences what we buy and how much we buy. It has been proven time and again that we portray our personal identities and consciously or unconsciously present our social aspirations through purchasing brands that we want to be associated with.

The connection between branding and consumers penchants for purchasing is imbedded in our psychology; hence it’s imperative that retailers make the right branding impact on people. Because those people could be ambassadors of your brand to their friends. “Nothing influences people more than a recommendations from a trusted friend” says Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO.

There are literally thousands of ways to promote a business, but the most common and effective means in though branded packaging. This is because consumers build trust and perceive value according to how items are presented to them. If a brand takes the time and effort to create a quality carrier bag to transport their newly purchased item home, they have likewise put considerable work into the quality of the goods as well.

Some carrier bags are so iconic they can be recognized almost immediately. One of the very first popular carrier bags was produced by one of the most legendary department stores in America. In 1973, Bloomingdales launched their celebrated ‘brown bag’ carrier bag. It came in 3 simple sizes and was aptly named ‘big brown bag’, ‘medium brown bag’ and ‘small brown bag’. Some of these original bags have sold on eBay for considerable sums of money.

Another carrier bag that can be spotted from a considerable distance is the simplistic beauty of the yellow Selfridge’s carrier bag. It is not uncommon for a consumer to cherish this bag and carry everything from groceries to gym gear in them, knowing that they are making a statement about themselves by simply re-using the bag.

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