It’s not easy to get away from branded packaging because it’s almost everywhere we look. Why? Because branding influences what we buy and how much we buy. It has been proven time and again that we portray our personal identities and consciously or unconsciously present our social aspirations through purchasing brands that we want to [...]

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Exciting and Vibrant Packaging is a Great Way to Capture the Attention of Consumers

Exciting and vibrant packaging is a great way to capture the attention of consumers. However, some advertisers don’t know when to say when. This becomes particularly apparent when it comes to toys and items designed for children. Small accessories meant to attract the eye of tiny consumers often use excessive amounts of plastic, string and [...]

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Packaging. It’s everywhere you look and virtually every item you use come in it. It seems that only in the past century packaging has made its mark on society. But you’ll have to look back quite far to trace the history of packaging. Back in prehistoric times, as our ancestors thinking started to evolve in [...]

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