Tesco, having trialed recyclable plastic packaging, is reported to be in a position to save the waste of more than a million eggs each year as a result of these tests

Most of us will have, at some time or another, opened a branded box of eggs only to find a broken one as the result of an ‘in-transit’ incident.

For the consumer this is frustrating, however, for the distributor this can be costly. When an egg breaks in transit it will usually seep through the box and damage other packs either to the side or beneath it. It not only wastes eggs but also ruins the branded packaging!

Tesco’s 8 week trial of the new 12 egg branded packaging in around 200 stores is reported by Lee Gray, a Tesco technologist, to be set to reduce food waste and offer a more environmentally friendly solution.

At Elliott Packaging, we are equally committed to the effects of our packaging on the environment with all packaging being able to be recycled or include recycled content. Our environmental policy can be read here https://www.elliottpackaging.co.uk/content/environmental-policy.

Please contact us on 01606 350036 to find out more or email us on sales@elliottpackaging.co.uk for more details.  

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