What are the pros and cons of using water based inks?

As a nation we are becoming more and more environmentally friendly aware, even our government are putting stricter environmental policies in place. Each industry, including ours are looking for better environmental options for our customers. Our printers have been exploring the benefits of using water based inks as a ripple effect from this. The use [...]

Paper bags are back.

With the new carrier bag legislation hitting the UK in October 2015, many companies have been confused about what bags they can use. The aim of the legislation is to try and significantly reduce waste in the UK. Before the new law was put into place each EU citizen was using around 198 plastic carrier [...]

Demand for Recyclable Packaging Market Set to Grow 7% by 2020

The market for recyclable materials is set to grow by 7% as large multi-nationals continue to move towards sustainable green packaging. The forecast looks at the likely trajectory of growth in sustainable packaging over the next four years. The study by research company Technavio looked at materials, end users and geography in its assessment of [...]