Why Do People Use Plastic Carrier Bags?

Plastic bags have been a part of our lives for many years, but there is a growing resistance to their use from eco lobbyists who highlight the potential impact on the environment. For most of us however the plastic carrier bag is an addiction that will be difficult shake for consumers and brands. Even with [...]

What Is Biodegradable Packaging?

Population growth and greater awareness of the need to reduce pollution in the environment have led to increased demand for Biodegradable Packaging but what exactly is Biodegradable Packaging and why is it better than using conventional packaging. To be considered biodegradable, packaging has to be made from organic material. It must also be possible for [...]

The Essentials Of Sweet Bags

Most adults and children alike love sweets but no matter how sweet the confectionary is inside, packaging is of vital importance when getting people to buy and this includes your sweetie bags! When choosing a design for your sweet bags, the first thing to do is consider colour. Unlike other forms of packaging, plain is [...]